Artwizz Leather Clip for iPhone X - Black


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The slimmest leather case for your iPhone
Our Artwizz Leather Clip is with 1.5 mm strength particularly filigree. As one of the slimmest leather cases the market has to offer it hardly has any impact on the slim design of your iPhone. Furthermore, the Leather Clip is perfectly tailored to the size and form of your mobile device. This way your flat iPhone is in not made clunky and retains its graceful appearance that you so much love. The elastic core makes this leather case flexible which allows a comfortable insertion of your smartphone. The slightly protruding sides of our Leather Clip offer additional protection for the iPhone display as they prevent it being placed down on flat surfaces. Depending on the model all buttons and connections of your iPhone are free and can be easily accessed with the Leather Case.

Better protection thanks to selected materials
The Leather Clip offers great protection despite its fine character. Unlike hard plastics, the flexible leather surface and the flexible core absorb shocks. It’s virtually unbreakable and cushions reliably against minor drops and shocks. At the same time, the leather skin is more tear-resistant and stabler than most soft cases. The Leather Clip offers the best of both soft and hard protective clips. The high-quality micro fleece lining offers your iPhone soft protection on the inside.

For a timeless, elegant look
You didn’t pick the iPhone just to make calls and send texts. You selected a remarkable product with long-lasting quality – like our Leather Clip from Artwizz. This handmade and ultra-slim iPhone Leather Case provides you with a completely new feel with your mobile device. It perfectly fits into your hand and the natural leather feels both warm and smooth. You never will want to let go of it. Over time the leather will adapt even more to you and your environment and develop a lovely individual patina. Our Leather Case also gives your look a more perfect and individual touch. Regardless whether you are looking for iPhone protection during working life in business look, want it as an extravagant statement or use it for urban life in a city.

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