Artwizz Clear Clip for MacBook Pro 15 (2016)


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Clarity for the Original MacBook Design
The MacBook Hardcover Case consists of two separate clips to protect the top and bottom of your MacBook. The Clear Clip is not only transparent, but also especially thin and light. It doesn’t affect the form or weight of your MacBook, so the original Apple design you love so much is preserved in all its beauty: streamlined, in the elegant colors with the metalic finish and the Apple logo.

Light Case, Strong Protection
We have chosen polycarbonate as the perfect material for our Clear Clip. This is a resistant and durable plastic and allows a particularly slim design without any compromise in protection. This creates a hard cover case that reliably protects your MacBook’s sensitive surface from scratches. Other damage, such as light impacts, which might affect your MacBook on the go, are easily absorbed by the ClearClip. When you are working, the lightly elevated rubber feet on the bottom hold your MacBook firmly on any surface.

All “Clear” for Your MacBook Pro (2016)
To meet the specific requirements of the new MacBook Pro 13’’ (2016) and MacBook Pro 15’’ (2016), we have redeveloped the Clear Clip for these models. We have added air slots to the lower clips, which protect the hardworking devices from overheating. This keeps your MacBook more than just looking cool.
We've also taken account of the position of the MacBook Pro (2016) series speakers. Unlike other MacBook sleeves, the Clear Clip lets the bass penetrate from both sides of the unit. This means that the Clear Clip lives up to its name, not only optically but also acustically. The Clear Clip delivers the crisp sound quality you are accustomed to from your MacBook Pro (2016).

Elegant Design, Easy to Use
Because the hard cover MacBook case consists of separate clips for the top and base, you can easily attach or remove them individually. Simply press on both sides until they click into place - your MacBook and case are one. The Clear Clip does not restrict your working style, and lets you use your MacBook as you always have. You can also easily clean the polycarbonate cover with a damp cloth.

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MacBook Pro 15inch Retina
MacBook Pro 15inch Retina
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Full case, Hard case

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