Artwizz SmartJacket for iPhone X - Rose Gold


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The slim back clip protects your smartphone in the case of shocks and drops. The exceptional protection is delivered by the clip’s polycarbonate material. Thanks to its low crystal count and special finishing, the clip is more robust and scratch-resistant than others in its class.Select the color of the front cover to match your taste. It’s super slim and lightweight. Your screen stays protected from scratches and shocks - without changing the feel of your smartphone. So phone is protected from sharp objects in your bag, pants pocket or wherever you keep sharp objects.

The case weights in at under 60 grams. Both the front cover and clip are super slim yet stable enough to protect. So your smartphone isn’t unnecessarily weighed down, but is still optimally protected. Perfect for more ease and flexibility in your life.

It’s the exclusively selected materials and precise workmanship that make the difference.
Usability is a breeze: place your smartphone in the clip and get started! Easy and comfortable to open with just one hand.

A back clip that’s made to be touched
Select the model whether opaque or translucent that speaks to your personal style. The back clip of the SmartJacket® is finished with a special soft-touch-coating that’s velvety to the touch and provides a better grip.

Front cover with metal look
The front cover of the SmartJacket is finished with a brushed metal look. It gives the case a modern feel. It looks like coated metal, but it’s as lightweight as plastic. Thanks to the large selection of colors, you will be able to find something that best suits you. For unbeatable individuality.

Soft lining
The inside of the front cover is velvety soft and lovingly embossed with our “Designed in Berlin” slogan. So the front cover rests gently on your screen and guarantees intense scratch protection.

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EAN code
ružičasto zlatna
iPhone X
iPhone X
iPhone X
tekstil, TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane)
Tip torbe
Full case
Kompatibilnost - iPhone
iPhone X

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